Cloud Servers

Cloud Servers are virtual Linux servers, and unlike Virtual Private Servers, are available for your website’s changing traffic because RAM and CPU resources are shared across our entire cloud.

RAM CPU’s Disk Space Price/month
512MB 1 10GB $19.99
1GB 1 40GB $49.99
2GB 2 80GB $99.99
4GB 2 160GB $199.99
8GB 4 320GB $399.99
15GB 6 620GB $699.99
30GB 8 1.2TB $899.99

Cloud Server Sign Up    A complete platform for building your websites and applications.

Bandwidth and Images

Bandwidth is calculated separately, and Images can be created to restore or clone a server.

Outgoing Data
Starts at $0.15/GB
Incoming Data
No charge
Internal Data
No charge
Compressed and stored at $0.10/GB per month